Embroidered Badges are the Parents of Digital Badges November 26 2013

Badges serve many purposes. They show rank, individuality, personality and achievements. Badges have taken on a new form in the digital world, particularly with social media, but their meanings remain the same. 

Badges awarded in video games denote extra points, extra lives, more advantages in a character's arsenal, etc. 


Badges on social media sites show a person's interests and virtual achievements. Commerce websites even use badges to show their level of security.

Embroidered badges are the real-world precursor to these digital badges. They are no less exciting for being the older generation, and they can (and are!) taking a lesson from their virtual kids.


According to Gabe Zichermann in this article, badges are useful in promoting an organisation, but only if used properly:

Regardless of your particular view of badges, understanding their potential may help you to build gamified engagement into your product or service.

For those out of the loop, "gamified" means to incorporate game-like rewards and structure into your company's atmosphere. This is a great example of how embroidered badges come full circle from real world, to virtual world, back to real world culture. Girl and Boy Scouts still award colorful, symbolic badges to denote achievements.

Badge positions beaver scout

Why not "gamify" your classroom? Awarding colorful, inexpensive embroidered badges for scholastic achievements or civil services performed is a longer-lasting, easily displayed prize. You can even let students design their own badges.

Gabe advises that there is a wrong and a right way to incorporate badges into your organisation:

The four steps to badge nirvana can help you produce a stellar product, service and workplace:

  • Balance delight with aspirational, predictable achievement
  • Design for visual appeal 
  • Leverage scarcity principles
  • Integrate tightly with a larger system

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