Custom ID Cards Increase Security December 12 2013

Robert peelIt has been said that in order to identify the counterfeit, one must be familiar with the authentic. The same is true when identifying those persons who should or should not have access to your organisation, facility or activity.

The display of proper, professionally-designed identification by authorised personnel establishes them as authentic, while also immediately identifying those without it as either a visitor in need of assistance or someone to be assessed as a potential security breach.And various methods of embedded authentication – such as photos, barcodes and magnetic stripes – can add increased levels of security and provide or deny access to sensitive areas, even for recognised personnel.


Fortunately, obtaining a higher level of identification is much easier, convenient and cost-effective than it has been in the past. No longer is it necessary to invest in proprietary equipment, expensive software, or in-house production training, because the advanced, online technology of our ID Bureau Service brings secure custom ID Cards direct to you, quickly and affordably.

We can provide everything you guidance and design advice, on-site photography services, photo and data enhancement, inclusion of crests/logos – whatever you need for the most professional, secure ID Cards and there is no minimum order quantity required.

Additionally, should you desire to enhance your security endeavors further, we offer complete Visitor Management Systems including comprehensive All-in-One systems, One-Step systems, and standard Visitor Pass systems.

Whether you represent a business, school, religious institution, non-school activity or special event, the need for security cannot be understated.

Contact us today and let us help you ensure a secure environment for your employees, participants, members and visitors.