Top 5 Reasons to Use Embroidered Badges at Your Next Family Reunion December 19 2013

Are you thinking of planning an extended family reunion in the coming months? If not, you may want to think about giving the family-reunion-tree-heartidea some thoughtful consideration. They provide excellent opportunities to learn about one’s heritage and reconnect with loved ones. They can also be made even more special with the addition of embroidered badgesHere’s how:

Highly Customisable

Embroidered badges would make superlative family reunion gifts because they can be highly customised. For instance, you could choose from badge sizes that range from less than 50mm to over 125mm. Once you decide on a size, we provide you with art and  design services or you could come up with your own ideas. You can also select a badge quantity to match your family’s needs.

Affordable Pricing

Speaking of which, our company offers affordable pricing no matter how many embroidered badges you order for your family reunion. We also waive set-up programming charges and don’t increase the price if you select a complex design with multiple colors.

Reasonable Turnaround

In addition, we offer a reasonable turnaround on all of our embroidery badges. In most instances, you’ll have your order within two to four weeks.

Durable Heirloom

Unlike some of the other souvenir items that you see showing up family history quiltat family reunions nowadays, embroidered badges are extremely durable. We here at Capital Badges make sure of it by using high quality materials and time-tested production methods. Thus, you’ll be able to feel confident that the embroidered badges designed for your family reunion will last for decades.


foursquare-badges1Another great thing about using embroidered badges to commemorate your family’s reunion is their versatility. They may be sewn onto various items like heirloom quilts, clothing, decorative pillows, wall hangings and backpacks. Don’t like to sew? Don’t worry, we offer other options. Among them are stick-on, Velcro, iron-on and Hard PVC badges. Thus, the amount of uses your family members will find for their embroidered badges is virtually endless.

Now that you know more about how embroidered badges can enhance your next family reunion, why don’t you give Capital Badges a call? Our family would be delighted to work with yours.