The Importance of School Badges January 09 2014

Generally, badges are used to identify a person. The badge that a person is wearing will show that they belong in the atmosphere that they are at. When other people see that someone is wearing a badge, they are immediately comforted knowing that the person has permission to be there. School badges are very beneficial to educational institutes. It does not matter if the school is an elementary school or a college.


It is always important for school management to know who is on their property. If everyone is issued a school badge, they will know if a person belongs on the school property or not. Students, teachers and staff members will easily be identified. If a person is seen on the grounds without a badge, it will be a good reason to investigate who they are and what business they have. Trespassers who do not belong can be dangerous, especially in elementary schools. It is a sad fact of life, but kidnappings, theft, vandalism and other violent acts can occur when an outsider is on the school premises.

A school policy must be implemented to all students, teachers and staff that their school badge must be worn at all times. Standard policy should be to issue school badges during registration. This applies to students, teachers and staff members. It must also be understood by everybody that their badge must be surrendered upon completion of their duties. For students, this would mean that they must surrender their badge when they are no longer a student. For teachers and staff members, this would mean surrendering their badge when they are no longer employed at the facility.Badges also serve a needy cause when they are used for admission of an event. There may be certain students that have permission to attend a certain event and with their badges they will easily be able to identify themselves. Other good reasons that badges may come useful may include getting meal tickets and the borrowing of books or school equipment. School management will need to know that someone belongs before they go on ahead and let them borrow a LCD projectorCNB imageWhen schools need school badges, they usually turn to us for their needs. We are a leader in the industry and can supply a school with badges that will meet their specifications. Schools from around the world have turned to us to meet their needs. Besides school badges, we can also supply a range of other badges. Contact us anytime and our friendly staff will help you and answer any questions that you may have. We pride ourselves on our great customer service and a person will answer your call 24/7.