Be Prepared For Ofsted with Adequate Safeguarding Procedures February 27 2014

Ofsted inspections focus on many different areas of a school’s performance. Many people quite rightly focus on the standard of teaching when thinking of an Ofsted inspection, but the truth is that there are many other areas which will be assessed. These areas can contribute or detract from a school’s rating, and are inspected because they are in some way important for the proper running of a school. One of the things that Ofsted inspectors will be assessing is a school’s safeguarding procedures. Having the correct badges and identification, as well as appropriate methods of displaying them, will help to demonstrate a high commitment to safeguarding your pupils. What is safeguarding? Protecting children and young people is very important. They are vulnerable, therefore it is vital that the environment in which they are learning is a safe one. Child safety is a big concern to parents and society, and Ofsted inspectors will be assessing how well a school functions in keeping its children protected. Ofsted inspectors will investigate many things, such as a school’s policy on carrying out safety checks on staff and volunteers who have unsupervised access to children. Why is visitor management important in safeguarding? Badges and visitor management books demonstrate a commitment to safety and security. It makes it easier to spot people who should not be on the school premises, and quickly informs people of a visitor’s role or purpose for visiting. It helps teachers, staff members, and pupils to know what a person’s role is, and whether or not they are acting outside of the purpose of their visit. For example, visitors should not have unsupervised access to children, and a badge identifying them as a visitor will ensure that they are not mistaken for a staff member or checked volunteer. Visitor management demonstrates that a school is organised and committed to safeguarding. Signing visitors in means that accurate records are being kept, and the issuing of identity cards or visitor badges ensures that only authorised people can enter the school premises. How does visitor management affect an Ofsted inspection? Ofsted is very adamant that their inspectors should have their ID cards checked upon entering a school premises. Failing to do suggests that a school’s commitment to safeguarding is low or lax. Similarly, Ofsted inspectors will want to know that checking and issuing of visitor ID and badges is not something that is being done specifically for the purposes of the inspection. Visitor management books and badges show that a school has a secure system for monitoring and controlling visitors in place. A school that can demonstrate that it has solid systems in place to aid safeguarding gives Ofsted inspectors an easier task in determining how well it is performing in this area. Name badges, identity cards, and visitor management Capital Badges has a complete range of visitor management equipment and accessories. We make it easy to implement security and accuracy into your safeguarding procedures.