Make Running Your School That Little Bit Easier With Our Badges June 26 2014

Being in charge of a school, a department, or a class, involves juggling lots of different things. Even making just one task that little bit easier could free up time and lighten your burden. Whether you need to motivate your students, identify and look after visitors, or label persons of interest, badges can be an easy way of organising, categorising, and running daily life. school-badges Here’s a look at some of the types of badges we offer, and how they can make your job easier. Visitor passes As a school, safeguarding is obviously going to be a top priority. Your students and pupils are under your protection and have been entrusted to you by their parents or guardians. This is not a responsibility anyone takes lightly, which is why the issue of visitors and strangers on the school premises can be a cause for concern. In order to keep pupils safe, visitors should always be easy to identify and it should be instantly apparent whether or not they are authorised to be on school property. Visitor badges are the perfect way to do this. Spot, control, and keep track of visitors, identify suspicious individuals, and keep students safe; all with the use of a simple badge! Lanyards Lanyards represent an easy way to identify people, as well as providing some key information about them. They have many uses in a school environment, from identifying teachers and other support staff, to managing crowds during busy events. They could also be used for visits to other places, such as field trips. Giving each student a lanyard with the school’s details on it means that they will be easy to identify, even if they are not in uniform, and provides staff at the attraction or location information on who to contact should they find a pupil who has become separated from the group. Reward badges Prizes and rewards can be a strong motivating factor in the classroom. The chance to earn a reward for a piece of work, strong performance, or good behaviour, can incentivise pupils to be at their best. It helps encourage appropriate attitude and commitment to work. Reward badges, such as those in the shape of smiley faces or stars, are perfect for all occasions, and are something the pupil can wear with pride. They come in a range of colours too, so you can use them as prizes for many different achievements. Collecting a badge of each colour could encourage strong performance across a wide spectrum of subjects. All this and more with Capital Badges It is amazing to think that something as simple as a small badge, pass or lanyard could make a big difference to daily administration, safety, or classroom behaviour. The examples we have given in this post are just a few of the many applications of our range of badges available. Check out the full selection of  school badges here.