Accessorise Your ID Cards to Make Them More Practical August 26 2014

ID cards make it so much easier to run your premises. They help to control visitors, improve security, identify staff, and maintain a professional image. And while they are great on their own, there are plenty of accessories that you can use to make them even more effective at doing their job. security-id-lanyards

The accessories listed below all allow your staff to do their jobs more efficiently, or you to improve your business operations.


Lanyards are a great way to mark out and control visitors, staff and delegates. Available in a range of colours with contractor, staff, or visitor printed on them to further aid visibility; lanyards display ID cards and badges in a highly visible location. It is simple to read the card and discover someone’s name, company, and job title – perfect for networking or meet-and-greet events. You can also use different colours to easily distinguish staff from guests.

Badge Holders

Badge holders are the perfect way of keeping ID cards on display but make sure they are protected. A clear case means that every detail can be seen and read, while the hard or soft cover keeps the card itself away from harm. These are perfect if your staff need to be working in dirty environments or places where their cards are in danger of getting wet.

Badge Reels

ID cards that provide access through electronic security systems can make operations more successful, but can greatly inconvenience your personnel. Having to retrieve their card from their pocket at every swipe point quickly becomes tiresome. With badge reels, staff have somewhere convenient to keep their ID cards that allows them quick access whenever they need it. Being extendable, there is no need to remove cards from a holder, speeding up access to secure entry points.

Being able to comfortably wear ID cards on their person also avoids the awkward moments when staff forget their cards and get stuck in a corridor, waiting for someone else to come by!


Easily attach your identity cards to your person with a variety of clips. They offer a simple way to keep your card on display. They are available in several different styles, keeping your options open and granting you total flexibility.

Slot punches

These allow you to fit your cards to a range of different clips and accessories. They are available in different styles and strengths to suit your budget, and give you a quick way of adapting your cards to fit your new holders. They take the guesswork out of preparing your cards for holders. Just make sure you don’t punch the holes on your cards before printing on them, as this could damage the printer!

ID card accessories from Capital Badges

Whichever of these items you need for your company, Capital Badges can supply high quality ID accessories to suit any requirements. Keep your premises secure, your visitors under control, and your staff happy by optimising your identity cards for the role required of them.