New Areas of Curriculum will this affect the Need for Pupil Rewards? March 03 2015

On September the 1st, 2014, schools across the country adopted the government's new curriculum. It had its supporters and detractors, but whether or not you agree with the change is probably in the past. Now you have to focus on how to make sure pupils get the most from the new curriculum. We want to look at how the change in subjects affects the ways in which you encourage and reward your pupils, whether with prizes, awards, or achievement badges.

Why awarding pupils is important for success

From the moment they start school, children are eager to impress, be praised, and demonstrate that they are good at something. This drive to succeed can help them to learn, as it encourages them to concentrate and pay attention, complete their work to the highest possible standard, and go beyond expectations to prove themselves. Rewards such as certificates and badges help to encourage pupils in their quest for excellence by adding an external incentive to their internal motivations. Students awarded badges for taking on a special role or attaining a certain achievement will wear them with pride.

Does the new curriculum encourage a system of rewards?

One of the things critics and supporters of the new curriculum almost unanimously agree on is that it is tough. The curriculum places higher expectations and demands upon pupils from the start. Primary school pupils will have to learn about the solar system in science, and when it comes to computers they should understand what an algorithm is, and how to write and debug basic programs. These higher expectations naturally mean that pupils (not to mention teachers) will have to work harder to meet the new standards.

Encouraging children to learn can sometimes be hard enough without added pressures. Teachers have to figure out ways of getting children to engage with completely new topics, such as coding, as well as older topics like English and Maths. Whether in primary or secondary education, students need to be kept engaged and connected with the subject matter.

The role of badges and rewards in the new curriculum

The change in curriculum has certainly opened up opportunities for new awards and incentive schemes, simply by virtue of including new topics and requirements. Mostly, though, it seems as though the idea of rewarding and encouraging pupils will stay the same. Getting children to engage with subjects, whether old or new, requires the same mixture of skills, time, planning, activities, tailoring and rewards. Badges are always going to be an easy, convenient way of encouraging pupils to perform better, regardless of changes to the curriculum.

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