Capital Badges Presents Its New Website April 28 2015

Here at Capital Badges we are excited by our latest step towards customer convenience and care. By using the Shopify platform, we've created a brand new website to make getting your badges and ID cards as simple as possible.

Read on to hear all about our new website and how it makes shopping with us even better for you. Once you're done, why not check it out for yourself and have a browse?

Clean, fresh design

Just as your pupils will be proud of their shiny new badges - whether they are library monitors, team captains, club members, or prefects - so we are proud of our shiny new site. We've moved things around and de-cluttered to make a crisp, welcoming environment for you to shop in. It's fully responsive, too, so you can browse happy regardless of what device you are using.

More product information

Each individual product has its own page, giving you all the information you need to decide if it is what you are looking for. On product pages you will find (depending on the item):

  • Product images
  • Product descriptions
  • Shape and size options
  • Colour options
  • Stock levels
  • Estimated delivery times
  • Similar items and related searches

Simple customisation

We offer a range of colours for many of our products. You can see a generated preview of each colour by clicking on it on the product page. If you don't see the colour you want, we have a 'custom colour' option that gives you even more choices.

What about the text? If you want custom wording on your badges, simply enter your chosen message or title into the box labelled 'Select another title' and our site will generate a preview image of the finished badge for you. Once the preview is created, you can change the colour and shape as you would with our standard models.

Easy ordering

Ordering great products for your students, visitors, or members of staff takes just a few clicks. Simply select the quantity, colour, shape, and size of the item from its product page and click the ‘Add to cart’ button. There’s even a comment box where you can request other details, or different finishes. You can check your cart at any time to see what you’ve got in it, and thanks to Shopify the entire ordering process is simple and convenient.

What hasn’t changed?

Our new website brings a better design, a simpler viewing process, and more information about our products and your options. What didn’t need to change was the quality of our products and the reasonable prices. We still have a vast range of badges, from school badges, to visitor ID cards, lanyards, fun and quirky reward badges, pins, slot punches, and clips. They come in a selection of different colours, shapes, and finishes, and you can also get in touch to discuss a custom order.

Have a look round and see the differences for yourself!