Why Should I Give My Staff Name Badges? June 24 2015

Badges have an important role to play in a retail environment. They are the kind of item that can often be overlooked until they are missing. Name badges for your staff helps to improve the experience for your customers, present a uniform face for your business, and make it easier to manage people.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you give your staff name badges

Staff that feel part of a team

Staff morale is very important to the performance of your business. Happy staff, who feel valued, and have strong goals to work towards are going to perform better than those who turn up thinking only about their wages. Branded name badges give your staff a feeling of belonging, helping them to think like a team and consequently work together to help the business achieve its goals. A name badge is something staff can be proud of and reminds them that they are part of a business whose success relies upon their input. A name badge also helps staff feel valued in your company, as they know that your business sees them as people rather than simply a number.

Build your brand

Your brand is very important. It gives your company personality, and over time customers will come to recognise and engage with your company based upon your brand. It is important therefore that your brand is constantly visible. Branded name badges help to enforce the identity of your business. This way customers will automatically link the great service and value they receive from you to your brand. Having your staff wearing your brand reinforces the friendly and personable qualities that customers like when dealing with businesses.

Personalise a customer’s shopping experience

Customers don’t like dealing with a faceless organisation, and nothing exemplifies this more than when they don’t even know the name of the person assisting them. A simple thing like a name badge can help to create a more personal experience, and makes your business more open and friendly to your customers. By having your staff wear name badges you are inviting customers to engage with them should they require anything.

More accountable staff

Because name badges make it easy for customers to identify specific members of staff, they help you to manage your team. Customers who receive exceptional service may wish to pass on their thanks to the management, and this gives you a way of identifying particularly strong team members. You can offer promotions, rewards, and incentives, and with customers easily able to identify staff that have performed particularly well, you are able to measure and chart this performance.

Similarly should a member of staff be unhelpful, or rude, you will receive complaints from customers that allows you to pinpoint the source of any issues and take steps to rectify them.

Staff name badges from Capital Badges

From making your staff and customers feel more valued to helping you more effectively manage your team, staff name badges have many simple benefits that can help you to run your business better.