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Branded Lapel Badges - Keep Your Charity Close at Heart July 21 2014

There are many challenges facing charities today. In a crowded market, you have to stand out in order to ensure that your cause gets the support and notice it deserves. From spreading the word to collecting donations, you have to present a strong image that sticks in people’s minds and attracts attention. charity-badges Once you have your branding, you want to spread it around as much as you possibly can. With a logo that summarises your brand and tells people what you are about, you can bring your cause to a wide range of people. From identifying your staff and events and functions, to rewarding donors, branded lapel badges can help you to promote your charity and increase awareness. Identify your staff When you’re at events, whether one that you are running or one you are attending, it is always good to be able to easily identify yourselves. While business cards are one way to do this, lapel badges can be very useful for charities. For one thing, they mark you out as different from the other businesses or delegates. Lapel badges are also a good talking point, meaning you’ll have a much easier time of networking. For events that you are running, they make it easy for your guests to identify members of staff, or gives you a convenient way of showing your most dedicated supporters. Show your dedication A professional image is vital for a charity, where trustworthiness is paramount. People want to know that their money is going to the right place. Strong branding and uniforms are a good way to show your commitment to the cause. Lapel badges are a part of this. They give your staff a professional image, and as part of a uniform can make them easily identifiable as belonging to a team. Encourage and reward donations People are often more likely to donate money if they get something in return. Wearable items are always popular, as it allows people to show their support for your cause. This, in turn, is good advertisement for you, and adds to the feel-good factor of donating. You can have these badges on shop counters, or give them out at large events. They also work as a reward for previous donors. Getting something in return makes them feel special, and that you appreciate their support. Also, with people who have donated to you sporting your logo, you can easily spread your message further. Others will see and remember your symbol, or ask the wearer about it. This gives you access to the same kind of word-of-mouth marketing that businesses use to drive their own sales. Be professional and support your cause Running a charity is all about passion. You are proud to support your cause, and so are the people who donate to it. What better way to let everyone know about your passion and spread the word about your work than with high quality, customised badges? Browse our range of options today.