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The Importance of Badges in Schools and the Workplace January 27 2017

Do you want to motivate your students, employees or even to help people to recognise staff at your workplace? Then why not consider using quality badges?  Although badges such as maths badges seem minor, they play a very important role especially among the young ones. Children for instance will appreciate badges when given as recognition for their effort or hard work. It is for this reason that you should have quality badges for your school and use them to recognise the effort of your students.

Easy staff identification

When visitors come to your business premise, how do they identify your staff? One of the best ways of ensuring that people recognise your staff with ease is ensuring that they wear badges. This is very important because clients and customers will know who serves them without having to ask their names. Additionally, when you have many clients or customers in your business premise, it is easier for customers and clients to know who to seek assistance from when your staff have badges. For instance, security badges enable staff members to determine whether new people in the premises have passed the security screening or testing at the gate. Thus, they enhance security in your place of work.

Why choose Capital Badges? January 15 2016

Why choose Capital Badges?

lapel pin badges

With just a simple search for lapel badges, or school title badges online, you will be amazed by the hundreds of badge companies that will pop up. The challenging part after this is to find the company that will meet your specific needs.

It is important that you know exactly what you want before finding the best manufacturer and supplier of Badges online, be it lapel pins, school badges, title badges or any other type of badge. With an idea of what it is you are looking for, it will be easier for us to fulfil your requirements. We have a knowledgeable team of staff ready to help, and in the unlikely event that you can’t find what you are looking for online, your title badges can be custom designed, in a range of stunning shapes and colours, to your exact specifications.

Capital Badges, based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, is a leading online supplier of School Badges, Title Badges, ID and Security Badges to organisations in the UK and abroad.

But what’s the need for a badge? One might ask. Well, badges have many uses, in schools and in the workplace. School title badges play an important role within the classroom. They can be used as a reward for good behavior and achievement, along with helping to identify “House Prefects” and of course “Head Boy” and “Head Girl”.

As well as title badges for schools, we also supply embroidered badges to organisations such as Brownies and Beavers and many other after school clubs. These still prove a popular choice for our customers.

Capital Badges is also the company of choice for ID cards, visitor management books, lanyards and visitor management systems, essential in schools to improve safety and accountability and invaluable too within the workplace.

Our mission statement is:

“To be the company of first choice for badges and ID products, because we actively listen to customers and strive to make their buying experience with us easy and pleasurable”

To summarise, we are always looking for ways to say “yes” to our customers, so why not call us today to find out more?

Top 5 Reasons to Use Embroidered Badges at Your Next Family Reunion December 19 2013

Are you thinking of planning an extended family reunion in the coming months? If not, you may want to think about giving the family-reunion-tree-heartidea some thoughtful consideration. They provide excellent opportunities to learn about one’s heritage and reconnect with loved ones. They can also be made even more special with the addition of embroidered badgesHere’s how:

Highly Customisable

Embroidered badges would make superlative family reunion gifts because they can be highly customised. For instance, you could choose from badge sizes that range from less than 50mm to over 125mm. Once you decide on a size, we provide you with art and  design services or you could come up with your own ideas. You can also select a badge quantity to match your family’s needs.

Affordable Pricing

Speaking of which, our company offers affordable pricing no matter how many embroidered badges you order for your family reunion. We also waive set-up programming charges and don’t increase the price if you select a complex design with multiple colors.

Reasonable Turnaround

In addition, we offer a reasonable turnaround on all of our embroidery badges. In most instances, you’ll have your order within two to four weeks.

Durable Heirloom

Unlike some of the other souvenir items that you see showing up family history quiltat family reunions nowadays, embroidered badges are extremely durable. We here at Capital Badges make sure of it by using high quality materials and time-tested production methods. Thus, you’ll be able to feel confident that the embroidered badges designed for your family reunion will last for decades.


foursquare-badges1Another great thing about using embroidered badges to commemorate your family’s reunion is their versatility. They may be sewn onto various items like heirloom quilts, clothing, decorative pillows, wall hangings and backpacks. Don’t like to sew? Don’t worry, we offer other options. Among them are stick-on, Velcro, iron-on and Hard PVC badges. Thus, the amount of uses your family members will find for their embroidered badges is virtually endless.

Now that you know more about how embroidered badges can enhance your next family reunion, why don’t you give Capital Badges a call? Our family would be delighted to work with yours.

Brief History of Prefect Badges and the Prefectorial System November 28 2013

The roots of England's educational system is said to stretch all the way back to 500s. At the time, educators were more focused on teaching Latin, religion and music

latin text

As the years went on, the scope of the country’s educational structure increased and the prefectorial system was born. Put into play by Dr. Thomas Arnold in the 1800s, it was initially designed to teach children about responsibility, authority and social structure. By the time the 19th Century arrived, Arnold’s system was widely used by educational institutions located all across the UK. Although the system’s popularity has fluctuated over the years, it still remains in use today by many well respected institutions around the world.

We appreciate the history and tradition involved. That’s part of why we take so much care in the manufacture of our prefect badges. They are made with durable, gold or silver plated metal and feature a clear dome cover.mentor-round-gold-black-school-badge_1 The House Prefect Badges come in different shapes, colors and sizes with a range of fittings. Our round prefect badges range in diameter from 20mm to 30mm. We also have star and crest shaped prefect badges in the same general size range. Our bar shaped prefect 

badges tend to be 38mm to 45mm long and 8mm to 13mm wide. Once ordered, you may expect to receive your high quality prefect badges in a timely manner. 

Prefect badges are not the only school essentials that are available for purchase. Our family also manufactures smiley faces badges, blank badges, medals, crested name badges and much more. It is also worth noting that our badges are highly customisable and quite affordable.Lapel-Cluster2Do get in touch if you would like to learn more about prefect badges and the other school badges on offer.


Embroidered Badges are the Parents of Digital Badges November 26 2013

Badges serve many purposes. They show rank, individuality, personality and achievements. Badges have taken on a new form in the digital world, particularly with social media, but their meanings remain the same. 

Badges awarded in video games denote extra points, extra lives, more advantages in a character's arsenal, etc. 


Badges on social media sites show a person's interests and virtual achievements. Commerce websites even use badges to show their level of security.

Embroidered badges are the real-world precursor to these digital badges. They are no less exciting for being the older generation, and they can (and are!) taking a lesson from their virtual kids.


According to Gabe Zichermann in this article, badges are useful in promoting an organisation, but only if used properly:

Regardless of your particular view of badges, understanding their potential may help you to build gamified engagement into your product or service.

For those out of the loop, "gamified" means to incorporate game-like rewards and structure into your company's atmosphere. This is a great example of how embroidered badges come full circle from real world, to virtual world, back to real world culture. Girl and Boy Scouts still award colorful, symbolic badges to denote achievements.

Badge positions beaver scout

Why not "gamify" your classroom? Awarding colorful, inexpensive embroidered badges for scholastic achievements or civil services performed is a longer-lasting, easily displayed prize. You can even let students design their own badges.

Gabe advises that there is a wrong and a right way to incorporate badges into your organisation:

The four steps to badge nirvana can help you produce a stellar product, service and workplace:

  • Balance delight with aspirational, predictable achievement
  • Design for visual appeal 
  • Leverage scarcity principles
  • Integrate tightly with a larger system

Please contact us for more information about embroidered badges that really stand out.