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Make the Wedding Breakfast Less Awkward With Personalised Name Badges for Your Guests July 13 2015

It can often seem that a wedding is 99% planning, 1% running around hoping everything works out on the day. You often spend more time planning and worrying about your guests’ enjoyment of the day than you do your own. With lots of different people who are all connected to you in different ways, there are bound to be plenty of guests meeting for the first time on your big day. And with so many to talk to, remembering who is who can be a bit of a challenge, especially when the alcohol starts flowing!

There’s a very simple way to avoid this problem. It’s a little cheeky and a little quirky, but it will certainly make your big day run smoothly for your guests. All you have to do is give everyone their very own name badge.

The chances are each one of your guests will end up sitting at a table with several people they don’t know. Of course everyone with introduce themselves, but it’s always good to have a little reminder of who everyone is. In fact you could go one step further than just having people’s names, and even put their relation to the bride or groom on their badge as well. Suddenly your guests will feel like important business men or women attending a prestigious tradeshow. Not only can they avoid the embarrassment of forgetting someone’s name, it’s also a good conversation starter.

And let’s not forget those situations where guests have met each other before, but can’t quite recall how or why. There’s nothing worse than talking to somebody you know you’ve met before whilst unable to remember their name. And knowing why everyone is there can also avoid awkward questions, such as having a guest asking the mother of the bride how she knows her!

A nice name badge also makes a good souvenir of day. You could hand them out along with your other wedding favours, or include them in a goodie bag that your guests receive when they take their place for the wedding breakfast. It’s a light-hearted yet practical idea that helps to make what can be an awkward social situation that little bit easier.

Made from high-quality materials and available in a range of designs, our badges will live up to the quality you would expect from something for your wedding day. We have plenty of options for custom orders, so why not get in touch and discuss your wedding badges with us today?