Sports Badges and the Sports Day Run May 30 2014

With the weather brightening and the summer months quickly approaching, it’s time to begin thinking about this year’s Sports Day. Sports Day is the main event in most school’s summer calendars and gives pupils and teachers a chance to do something exciting and different. button badges Sports Day is a great opportunity to make physical fitness interesting, allow pupils to indulge their competitive sides, and generate support from their parents. It demonstrates your commitment to team and individual sports, taps into the post-Olympic enthusiasm, and gives pupils something to work towards and be proud of. Although it is a great event for pupils and teachers, and the school as an organisation, Sports Day can be difficult and time consuming to organise. It involves a lot of advanced planning, but it is the day itself that can be the hardest part to coordinate. Having lots of excited pupils to keep under control and organised is always going to be a difficult task, and then there are the parents to consider. Organising Sports Day There are many things to consider when organising Sports Day. Keeping the pupils engaged and interested is going to be vital to ensuring the success of the event. You want to be able to organise and identify them easily, in order to ensure that they are in the right place at the right time. Being able to coordinate between staff and helpers, who can easily identify what teams pupils belong to, and where they need to be, will help to ensure the smooth running of the event. Team badges for Sports Day Sports badges give you an instant visual way of identifying where people should be and what they are meant to be doing. Your staff can use them to spot stray pupils in the crowds, and easily group students in particular events together to make organising each event hassle free. Sports badges are also a great way of getting pupils interested and engaged with the event. Having a badge makes pupils feel like part of a team, and promotes team spirit. Their badge is something that they can be proud of and show to their parents. It helps to make Sports Day seem more like a special event than simply a case of doing an extended physical education class with their parents watching. Badges also group people together in teams to allow spectators to cheer on groups rather than individuals, which can help to ensure everyone gets equal support and attention. Capital Badges sports badges come in a range of different options. We have designs covering many different sports and team roles already in our system, meaning you simply need to choose your colour and the style of badge and enter a quantity. We can also fulfil any custom design requirements you may have, whether for a different design colour or shape, or a specific team role or sport. Browse here to see Capital Badges range of sports badges.