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Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Title Badges?

What does post & packing (P&P) cost?

Isn't your P&P expensive for just a few badges?

What is the price of Title Badges?

My son/daughter has lost their Title Badge. Can you help?


Covid-19 Operational Guidance

As with so very many organisations, we have have been through an extremely challenging time over the last few months during lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our strategy from the outset has been to put in place the necessary mothballing measure to provide the greatest service possible to all our customers and to our staff.   Our strategy has been to survive as a business and be available to continue to provide our products and services to our customers when we emerge from the lockdown.

And to continue to provide invaluable employment for our much valued employees.

From Monday 6 July 202, we are starting to emerge from lockdown and we are opening our offices for business.
Our web site has been up and running and available for business throughout the lockdown period.

Now we are recommencing business, our thoughts have turned to the safety and wellbeing of staff and customers and to this end our actions are all designed to minimise risk to the best of our ability.

We hame implemented the following.

  • Make available hand sanitisers at all points across our business
  • Clean down all surfaces with disinfectant frequently as required but at least daily
  • Wear masks when packing products to despatch to customers
  • Not to accept any external visitors to our offices
  • Require delivery contractors to deposit goods outside our offices and not to enter our premises
  • Stager staff attendance to minimise person to person contact as much as possible
  • Work from home where possible and practicable
  • To ensure that staff self isolate and follow Government guidance is they should develop Covid-19 symptoms

With these measure in place, we are convinced that we ar doing our utmost to counter the effects of Covid-19 and to minimise absolutely the risk of passing the virus on to others.

We thank you for your continued custom and support during these most challenging times for the whole of society.   Together we are confident and optimistic that we will thrive and continue to serve our treasured customers for many years to come.

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Delivery Policy 

Where we have stock-

Orders will be despatched within 24 hours of our receipt of your order.

Please note that even for items shown as 'In Stock' on our web site
there still may not be sufficient quantity to meet your order.

Where we do not have stock-

Title Badges: delivery is within three weeks of our receipt of your order. 

ID Bureau Service products: delivery will be within one week of our receipt of your signed-off artwork.

Other bespoke designed products (Crested Name Badges, Lapel Badges, Embroidered Badges, Printed Lanyards etc) will be delivered within three/four weeks of our receipt of signed-off artwork.

Orders are despatched using either Royal Mail or Couriers, as appropriate.

All deliveries are subject to the due performance of our delivery agents(Royal Mail, Couriers), which is beyond our control.


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GDPR Privacy Notice

We take the care and protection of details about people and their organisation very seriously.
In compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), please click here to view our Privacy Notice...

GDPR Privacy Notice - Capital Badges

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Payment terms

After delivery and upon receipt of our invoice, we require payment to terms. Payment must be made on time, in full, and without any deduction, set off or counterclaim. In the event that an account is outstanding, we will refer the matter to our debt collection agents, Daniels Silverman Limited, which will incur a surcharge of 15% of the debt, plus VAT at the prevailing rate. You agree that you will be legally liable to pay us that surcharge, and that payment of the same can be enforced against you in court.
You also agree to pay interest at the relevant reference rate provided for under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, which interestis payable both after and before any judgment of the court and continues to accrue.

For Non-UK sales:

  1. All transaction are in GBP
  2. Cleared payment must be received prior to despatch
  3. P&P is charged depending upon the country being despatched to
  4. We only use our own postal and courier services for delivery of your order 

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"No Quibble" Warranty and Returns Policy

Capital Badges operate a ‘No Quibble’ warranty policy that is valid for 12 months after delivery of your order.
If our products become faulty during normal usage we will gladly replace them free of charge.  
This is, of course, subject to any requirement being within the capabilities of the manufacturing processes that we use.

Capital Badges are bespoke badge designers and manufacturers. Where we have designed and manufactured a product to meet a specific design brief from our customer, it follows that we are unable to accept returns of such products for reasons other than because of faulty manufacture as indicated above in our "No Quibble" section.

We operate as a company that is seeking ways to say ‘yes’ to our customers. If you have any issues with us or our products, please contact us to discuss the matter and we will do what we can to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

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Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Title Badges? 

Existing Titles

There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) for an existing title of Title Badge. 
You can order just one Title Badge if that is what you need.
For an existing Title you can order any style or colour, or a mixture of the two, with no MOQ.

New Titles

Where a title does not exist we ask that your initial order is for a minimum of 25 badges. You can order any style or colour, or a mixture of the two.
Subsequent to your initial order you can order just one if you wish as indicated for 'Existing Titles' above.

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What does post & packing (P&P) cost?

There are a number of P&P options available, depending upon the service required and whether delivery is within the UK.

For the UK...
We now offer free P&P on all orders over £100.00 (Royal Mail Second Class, single UK address, single delivery).


For orders under £100.00 there is a choice of…
£5.99 - Royal Mail 1st Class: you can expect delivery within 1-2 working days.
£4.99 - Royal Mail 2nd Class: you can expect delivery within 3-5 working days.
£11.99 - Royal Mail Special Delivery or Courier Service: you can expect next working day delivery.

We do not normally send out partial deliveries.   If you request us to make partial deliveries then there is an additional P&P charge of £1.99 for each partial delivery that we make (applies to UK only).

Please note that Royal Mail no longer guarantee their services and Royal Mail do not consider an item delayed until 3 working days after the expected delivery date for the service.

Of course, delivery timescales only start when the items in your order are in stock and we dispatch your order.

All prices exclude VAT

Outside the UK...
P&P is dependent upon what area of the world is being shipped to and the weight of your package.

For package weights above those shown below, additional charges will apply

Examples are:
Republic of Ireland: £11.99 (up to 250g)
Europe: £16.99 (up to 750g)
North America (Canada, Mexico, USA): £16.99 (up to 250g)
Australasia (Australia, New Zealand): £16.99 (up to 500g)

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Isn't your P&P expensive for just a few badges? 

Our Post & Packing charge are dependent upon where the order is being shipped to, its weight and the delivery timescale that is required.

Please see above for our P&P charges, or click here.

We have previously considered many different ways of charging for post & packing and have found that our current charging model is the most straightforward and widely accepted.

From our knowledge of the marketplace, our post and packing sharges are less than many other suppliers that are similar to ourselves.

Clearly, with this system, the post & packing charge is proportionately higher for orders of smaller quantities than for orders of larger quantities.

The post and packing charge is comprised not only of the postage amount that you may see on the package when it arrives, but also the weight, the time to pick and pack your order plus the materials used.  

The time taken to pick and pack small orders is only marginally less than the time taken to pack larger orders.

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What is the price of Title Badges?


Put simply, the greater the total quantity of Title Badges you order in your basket, the less you pay.

From 1 November 2019, we introduced Tiered Pricing (Quantity Discount) for all Title Badges.  The starting price of Title Badges is £1.99 each.  Cost savings can be made by ordering larger quantities.

Tiered Pricing (Quantity Discount) of Title Badges is determined by the TOTAL quantity of Title Badges that you place in a single order. Within the total order, it is still possible to order just x1 of a particular Title and get that at at reduced price if it forms part of a TOTAL larger quantity order.

Tiered Pricing has been introduced after careful analysis of the variation in costs that we incur, which is dependent upon the size of the order that we receive.  

For larger quantities that are placed in a single order we are able to achieve greater levels of efficiency and hence pass on the cost savings that we make by charging lower prices for larger orders.   

The discount tier that is applied is shown in a table just above where you enter the quantity of a particular Title Badge...

This table indicates the per badge price that would apply if the total quantity of Title Badges in your basket meets a minimum order quantity.

The total quantity of Title Badges is calculated as Titles and quantities are added to your basket.   The saving is automatically calculated and shown at the bottom of the basket with the original cost crossed out and the new discounted price placed beneath it...


This discounted price is recalculated each time Titles are added to your basket and if a new tier of pricing is achieved then this is reflected in the new discounted price that is displayed.

The only addition to the prices shown is for P&P.   Please see above for our P&P charges, or click here.

All prices are irrespective of the mix of styles and colours that are ordered and exclude VAT.


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Lost Title Badge 

We are always sorry to hear that your son or daughter has lost their badge.
Our policy is that, where we supplied a school with badges, if a pupil misplaces it we will replace the badge free of charge.
Please send us your postal address and we will send a replacement badge with our compliments, including free Royal Mail Second Class postage.
Please contact us and provide:
  1. Your child's school name
  2. The title, style (Shield, Rounded End, Bar etc) and colour of badge required
  3. Your postal address

Please be aware that, if we don’t have stock it can take up to three weeks to supply the badge.

Please note that reasonableness applies to this policy and a free replacement is limited to one replacement badge per UK address.

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