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Medals and Medallions

The best custom made Badges and Embroidered Badges available from Capital Badges and available to order online in the UK. A full design service is available.

If you are a fundraiser of a charity, club or non profit making organisation and hold regular races like a Starlight Walk, 5K or 10K run or even the ever popular charity obstacle course races, then this section will be of interest to you. 

All our die struck medals are of the highest quality, but very affordable especially if you order them in bulk each year for an annual event. 

They come in the options of bronze, silver or gold with various texture options and thicknesses

Double sided medals are a great way of keeping the medals simple, but if you wanted some text, or a picture on the back, we can do that at no extra charge.


The medals are struck in copper and can either be embossed (3D) or single level (2D), the plate is then added in gold, silver or bronze.

If these are for a sporting achievement, sports day or passing an exam, how about presenting the medal alongside an embroidered badge and a certificate to mark the occasion 

Here is a breakdown of our prices below, but please give us a call if you would like to discuss anything that you are unsure of.

      100+ 200+ 500+ 1000+ 2000+ 5000+   2D 3D
SIZE Up to 30mm   £2.51 £1.75 £1.25 £0.98 £0.75 £0.62   £63 £116
Up to 40mm   £3.83 £2.68 £1.91 £1.53 £1.14 £0.96   £79 £146
Up to 50mm   £4.88 £3.41 £2.44 £1.95 £1.46 £1.22   £99 £189
Up to 60mm   £5.94 £4.46 £2.95 £2.51 £2.19 £1.60   £108 £221

 (All prices exclude VAT)

For larger sizes than those shown, please give us a call and ask for a special quote

If colours are required, add 13p per colour. 

Standard thickness is 2mm. For extra thickness please ask for a special quote. 

For single colour ribbon (900 x 25mm): add 34p 
For ribbons in other sizes and multi colours, please ask for a special quote 

Art and Design services are offered at cost with a special price of just £30.00 for schools, clubs and charities.

Example costing:

100, 30mm 2D medals @ £2.39 each + £63.00 tooling + £30.00 Art & Design + £FREE P&P = £331.99 + VAT

If you have any questions or require further information please give us a call or click on the 'contact us' button.

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