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Why are Sports and Games such an Important Part of School Life? June 24 2015

Physical education, games and sports in general are now considered to be an essential part of a student's education in schools around the world.

Studies have proved that children can benefit in many ways from participating in regular sports in schools and these can include netball, football and even dancing and swimming.

Apart from the obvious health and well-being benefits, playing sports and participating in games is thought to vastly improve a student’s confidence, mental alertness and self-esteem and is also considered to be a great way to make new friends and, at the same time, encourage team building.


Sports day memories

How many of you, I wonder, have memories of School Sports Days from when you were small?

Even from a very early age, children have enjoyed the camaraderie of being part of a team and competing with other children in events such as ‘egg and spoon race’, ‘sack race’ and ‘three legged race’.

Parents and Grandparents are often invited to visit the school on Sports Day to cheer on their children and sometimes even participate themselves by joining in a parent’s race!


School sports badges and medals from Capital Badges - a great way of encouraging and rewarding sports day students

Of course, there is always a certain element of competition on Sports Day and at the end of the afternoon, a prize giving ceremony is always an exciting and much anticipated event.

What better way to motivate your budding young athletes than the prospect of being awarded a shiny medal on a beautiful coloured ribbon or even a stunning school sports badge in your school’s house colours?

Capital Badges has a vast range of school sports badges. They come in a wide selection of different colours, shapes, and finishes.

To see Capital Badges' range of school sports badges, please click here:

Likewise, if medals are your school’s prize of choice, our range is extensive. But if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, our friendly team will be happy to assist.

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Why Should I Give My Staff Name Badges? June 24 2015

Badges have an important role to play in a retail environment. They are the kind of item that can often be overlooked until they are missing. Name badges for your staff helps to improve the experience for your customers, present a uniform face for your business, and make it easier to manage people.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you give your staff name badges

Staff that feel part of a team

Staff morale is very important to the performance of your business. Happy staff, who feel valued, and have strong goals to work towards are going to perform better than those who turn up thinking only about their wages. Branded name badges give your staff a feeling of belonging, helping them to think like a team and consequently work together to help the business achieve its goals. A name badge is something staff can be proud of and reminds them that they are part of a business whose success relies upon their input. A name badge also helps staff feel valued in your company, as they know that your business sees them as people rather than simply a number.

Build your brand

Your brand is very important. It gives your company personality, and over time customers will come to recognise and engage with your company based upon your brand. It is important therefore that your brand is constantly visible. Branded name badges help to enforce the identity of your business. This way customers will automatically link the great service and value they receive from you to your brand. Having your staff wearing your brand reinforces the friendly and personable qualities that customers like when dealing with businesses.

Personalise a customer’s shopping experience

Customers don’t like dealing with a faceless organisation, and nothing exemplifies this more than when they don’t even know the name of the person assisting them. A simple thing like a name badge can help to create a more personal experience, and makes your business more open and friendly to your customers. By having your staff wear name badges you are inviting customers to engage with them should they require anything.

More accountable staff

Because name badges make it easy for customers to identify specific members of staff, they help you to manage your team. Customers who receive exceptional service may wish to pass on their thanks to the management, and this gives you a way of identifying particularly strong team members. You can offer promotions, rewards, and incentives, and with customers easily able to identify staff that have performed particularly well, you are able to measure and chart this performance.

Similarly should a member of staff be unhelpful, or rude, you will receive complaints from customers that allows you to pinpoint the source of any issues and take steps to rectify them.

Staff name badges from Capital Badges

From making your staff and customers feel more valued to helping you more effectively manage your team, staff name badges have many simple benefits that can help you to run your business better.


Capital Badges Presents Its New Website April 28 2015

Here at Capital Badges we are excited by our latest step towards customer convenience and care. By using the Shopify platform, we've created a brand new website to make getting your badges and ID cards as simple as possible.

Read on to hear all about our new website and how it makes shopping with us even better for you. Once you're done, why not check it out for yourself and have a browse?

Clean, fresh design

Just as your pupils will be proud of their shiny new badges - whether they are library monitors, team captains, club members, or prefects - so we are proud of our shiny new site. We've moved things around and de-cluttered to make a crisp, welcoming environment for you to shop in. It's fully responsive, too, so you can browse happy regardless of what device you are using.

More product information

Each individual product has its own page, giving you all the information you need to decide if it is what you are looking for. On product pages you will find (depending on the item):

  • Product images
  • Product descriptions
  • Shape and size options
  • Colour options
  • Stock levels
  • Estimated delivery times
  • Similar items and related searches

Simple customisation

We offer a range of colours for many of our products. You can see a generated preview of each colour by clicking on it on the product page. If you don't see the colour you want, we have a 'custom colour' option that gives you even more choices.

What about the text? If you want custom wording on your badges, simply enter your chosen message or title into the box labelled 'Select another title' and our site will generate a preview image of the finished badge for you. Once the preview is created, you can change the colour and shape as you would with our standard models.

Easy ordering

Ordering great products for your students, visitors, or members of staff takes just a few clicks. Simply select the quantity, colour, shape, and size of the item from its product page and click the ‘Add to cart’ button. There’s even a comment box where you can request other details, or different finishes. You can check your cart at any time to see what you’ve got in it, and thanks to Shopify the entire ordering process is simple and convenient.

What hasn’t changed?

Our new website brings a better design, a simpler viewing process, and more information about our products and your options. What didn’t need to change was the quality of our products and the reasonable prices. We still have a vast range of badges, from school badges, to visitor ID cards, lanyards, fun and quirky reward badges, pins, slot punches, and clips. They come in a selection of different colours, shapes, and finishes, and you can also get in touch to discuss a custom order.

Have a look round and see the differences for yourself!


The Role of School Librarians in Encouraging Children to Read March 30 2015

Reading is not only an important life skill, it is a valuable and pleasurable hobby. Its roots are firmly anchored in childhood, and it is here that lifetime readers are made. With reading fuelling imagination, relaxation, and academic performance, schools need to be doing everything in their power to encourage the activity. One of the best resources and sources of support in this endeavour is the school library.

Support for school librarians

There are many major programs and initiatives set up to aid schools in encouraging reading amongst their pupils. Librarians obviously play a key role in choosing the packages which are right for their school, and finding ways of generating student interest in the schemes.

One such resource is the Booktrust’s School Library Pack, distributed to over 4,000 schools in 2014. Funded by the Department of Education, and supported by children’s book publishers across the country, the School Library Pack is a collection of resources to help librarians and teaching staff get Year 7 pupils interested in reading. Included in the pack are multiple copies of various children’s titles, including graphic novels and books aimed at more reluctant readers. The pack is free for qualifying schools.

Why is a qualified librarian important for schools?

A well-equipped library run by a qualified librarian is a vital resource in British schools. Research of over 2,100 primary and secondary schools in the UK shows that having a school librarian not only encourages literacy, but also promotes reading for pleasure. Nearly 90% of qualified school librarians contribute to literacy work in their school. Only 58.7% of the 1,542 British secondary schools surveyed employed a fully qualified professional librarian.

A librarian is important because multiple research studies have shown that the older the student is, the less motivated they are to read. It is therefore vital that children are encouraged in both primary and secondary school to explore the pleasures of reading in order to create strong and motivated readers in the future. However, children are less likely to enjoy reading if they feel pressured, or it simply feels like another school activity.

This is where libraries and librarians become really important, as they can offer an escape from classrooms and structured lessons, giving pupils’ time to relax and read under their own impetus. Indeed many teachers are adopting the approach of teaching reading as a pleasurable activity rather than a test of intelligence or a measure of progress.

Be proud of your school librarian

For many children a school librarian is a figure of authority and support. They can help pupils to find the right book for them, encourage them to try something new, and support them with their reading and learning. Reinforce the fact that your school librarian is there to help pupils with one of our range of librarian badges, available here.

Sources: (PDF Download)


New Areas of Curriculum will this affect the Need for Pupil Rewards? March 03 2015

On September the 1st, 2014, schools across the country adopted the government's new curriculum. It had its supporters and detractors, but whether or not you agree with the change is probably in the past. Now you have to focus on how to make sure pupils get the most from the new curriculum. We want to look at how the change in subjects affects the ways in which you encourage and reward your pupils, whether with prizes, awards, or achievement badges.

Why awarding pupils is important for success

From the moment they start school, children are eager to impress, be praised, and demonstrate that they are good at something. This drive to succeed can help them to learn, as it encourages them to concentrate and pay attention, complete their work to the highest possible standard, and go beyond expectations to prove themselves. Rewards such as certificates and badges help to encourage pupils in their quest for excellence by adding an external incentive to their internal motivations. Students awarded badges for taking on a special role or attaining a certain achievement will wear them with pride.

Does the new curriculum encourage a system of rewards?

One of the things critics and supporters of the new curriculum almost unanimously agree on is that it is tough. The curriculum places higher expectations and demands upon pupils from the start. Primary school pupils will have to learn about the solar system in science, and when it comes to computers they should understand what an algorithm is, and how to write and debug basic programs. These higher expectations naturally mean that pupils (not to mention teachers) will have to work harder to meet the new standards.

Encouraging children to learn can sometimes be hard enough without added pressures. Teachers have to figure out ways of getting children to engage with completely new topics, such as coding, as well as older topics like English and Maths. Whether in primary or secondary education, students need to be kept engaged and connected with the subject matter.

The role of badges and rewards in the new curriculum

The change in curriculum has certainly opened up opportunities for new awards and incentive schemes, simply by virtue of including new topics and requirements. Mostly, though, it seems as though the idea of rewarding and encouraging pupils will stay the same. Getting children to engage with subjects, whether old or new, requires the same mixture of skills, time, planning, activities, tailoring and rewards. Badges are always going to be an easy, convenient way of encouraging pupils to perform better, regardless of changes to the curriculum.

Want some help getting your pupils to give topics and projects their full attention? Check out the range of reward, team, and title badges available on our website for cost effective and practical options.


Accessorise Your ID Cards to Make Them More Practical August 26 2014

ID cards make it so much easier to run your premises. They help to control visitors, improve security, identify staff, and maintain a professional image. And while they are great on their own, there are plenty of accessories that you can use to make them even more effective at doing their job. security-id-lanyards

The accessories listed below all allow your staff to do their jobs more efficiently, or you to improve your business operations.


Lanyards are a great way to mark out and control visitors, staff and delegates. Available in a range of colours with contractor, staff, or visitor printed on them to further aid visibility; lanyards display ID cards and badges in a highly visible location. It is simple to read the card and discover someone’s name, company, and job title – perfect for networking or meet-and-greet events. You can also use different colours to easily distinguish staff from guests.

Badge Holders

Badge holders are the perfect way of keeping ID cards on display but make sure they are protected. A clear case means that every detail can be seen and read, while the hard or soft cover keeps the card itself away from harm. These are perfect if your staff need to be working in dirty environments or places where their cards are in danger of getting wet.

Badge Reels

ID cards that provide access through electronic security systems can make operations more successful, but can greatly inconvenience your personnel. Having to retrieve their card from their pocket at every swipe point quickly becomes tiresome. With badge reels, staff have somewhere convenient to keep their ID cards that allows them quick access whenever they need it. Being extendable, there is no need to remove cards from a holder, speeding up access to secure entry points.

Being able to comfortably wear ID cards on their person also avoids the awkward moments when staff forget their cards and get stuck in a corridor, waiting for someone else to come by!


Easily attach your identity cards to your person with a variety of clips. They offer a simple way to keep your card on display. They are available in several different styles, keeping your options open and granting you total flexibility.

Slot punches

These allow you to fit your cards to a range of different clips and accessories. They are available in different styles and strengths to suit your budget, and give you a quick way of adapting your cards to fit your new holders. They take the guesswork out of preparing your cards for holders. Just make sure you don’t punch the holes on your cards before printing on them, as this could damage the printer!

ID card accessories from Capital Badges

Whichever of these items you need for your company, Capital Badges can supply high quality ID accessories to suit any requirements. Keep your premises secure, your visitors under control, and your staff happy by optimising your identity cards for the role required of them.

Branded Lapel Badges - Keep Your Charity Close at Heart July 21 2014

There are many challenges facing charities today. In a crowded market, you have to stand out in order to ensure that your cause gets the support and notice it deserves. From spreading the word to collecting donations, you have to present a strong image that sticks in people’s minds and attracts attention. charity-badges Once you have your branding, you want to spread it around as much as you possibly can. With a logo that summarises your brand and tells people what you are about, you can bring your cause to a wide range of people. From identifying your staff and events and functions, to rewarding donors, branded lapel badges can help you to promote your charity and increase awareness. Identify your staff When you’re at events, whether one that you are running or one you are attending, it is always good to be able to easily identify yourselves. While business cards are one way to do this, lapel badges can be very useful for charities. For one thing, they mark you out as different from the other businesses or delegates. Lapel badges are also a good talking point, meaning you’ll have a much easier time of networking. For events that you are running, they make it easy for your guests to identify members of staff, or gives you a convenient way of showing your most dedicated supporters. Show your dedication A professional image is vital for a charity, where trustworthiness is paramount. People want to know that their money is going to the right place. Strong branding and uniforms are a good way to show your commitment to the cause. Lapel badges are a part of this. They give your staff a professional image, and as part of a uniform can make them easily identifiable as belonging to a team. Encourage and reward donations People are often more likely to donate money if they get something in return. Wearable items are always popular, as it allows people to show their support for your cause. This, in turn, is good advertisement for you, and adds to the feel-good factor of donating. You can have these badges on shop counters, or give them out at large events. They also work as a reward for previous donors. Getting something in return makes them feel special, and that you appreciate their support. Also, with people who have donated to you sporting your logo, you can easily spread your message further. Others will see and remember your symbol, or ask the wearer about it. This gives you access to the same kind of word-of-mouth marketing that businesses use to drive their own sales. Be professional and support your cause Running a charity is all about passion. You are proud to support your cause, and so are the people who donate to it. What better way to let everyone know about your passion and spread the word about your work than with high quality, customised badges? Browse our range of options today.