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5 Ways Title Badges Can Improve School Experience for Pupils and Staff April 30 2014

Badges have many practical uses in the school environment. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, allowing you to construct the perfect badges for each role. You can also have custom designed badges for something special that will really create a strong first impression. Let’s take a look at some of our bestselling title badges, and why they would be perfect for your school. 1. Set a good example Head girl and boy can be a very useful role to give pupils. It rewards them for their responsibility and encourages other children act in the same manner. A badge helps to further inspire children - as it makes a role seem more official. When pupils see what good behaviour and hard work can lead to, it sets a good example that many will follow. 2. Make it easy for teachers to identify pupils who have responsibility In large schools, staff members won't be familiar with all the pupils. Title badges therefore give them an easy way of identifying students who can help them with a particular task. Librarians know who is there to help, and members of staff know who the prefects and the head girl or boy are. With title badges available in a range of bold colours, students with extra roles will be easy to spot, even from a distance. 3. Make it easy for other pupils to identify people who can help them New students may find themselves requiring help, especially in the first few days when they don't know their way around. Pupils with titles badges are therefore clearly marked out as the best people to ask. The same goes for prefects and library monitors, who can be easily spotted thanks to their badges as people who can help other pupils with their requests. 4. Help to get students more enthusiastic about their role Having a title badge makes a role feel more important and real. Children aren't oblivious to the tactic of giving them something so that they feel valued and included, so a title badge is a good way to show them that their role is genuinely important and useful. Having a badge also helps to get pupils more excited about their roles, and to be proud of the tasks and responsibilities they have been given. 5. Improve reputation with parents Parents are going to be very proud of their child's achievements. Having a badge to take home to show their parents will make pupils feel special, and make their parents proud. This helps to build a positive reputation for the school amongst parents and demonstrates commitment to provide the richest experience in the most supportive environment possible. Title badges for a range of roles We could make a badge for anything you could think of. Make pupils engaged and excited about responsibility, enhance your school's reputation, and make communication easier with badges in a range of designs for all purposes.