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Building Self-Esteem in Young People January 28 2014

Anyone who works with children and adolescents knows how important it is for them to develop a good sense of self-esteem. Positive reinforcement, approval by one's own peer group, and a need to "fit in" rank not too far down an adolescent's "need list," not too far after food, shelter, and clothing.

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Schools, churches, and other organisations understand young people. Their curriculum, programs, and opportunities for involvement have all grown out of their goals of creating successful, positive, well-rounded individuals with healthy self-esteem -- individuals who venture forth into a responsible involvement in the world.

These institutions, both large and small, also understand the part that even a small token that signifies this involvement, this "fitting in," this success can symbolize.


This is a primary reason that identity badges remain popular and prized by teachers and other adults to signify achievement or to mark a young person's belonging within clubs, classes, or other groups within their sphere of influence.

Identity badges come in all shapes and sizes, price ranges, and customized designations. They can range from simple emblems, crests, or logos with space for a name and title to more elaborate, custom-designed creations. Embroidered badges can be created in any number of forms. Crested name badges come a variety of colors, too. Fastening options vary as well, including heavy duty brooch pins, butterfly clutches, or magnets. Photo options are available. 

Lapel badges, too, can be simple yet effective. We offer three types, all of which are of the highest quality. 

We have an excellent reputation for high standards, quality products, and customer service. Located in South East England, we have served both the private and public sectors, not only in the UK but also more exotic locations such as Dubai and the United States.

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