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Accessorise Your ID Cards to Make Them More Practical August 26 2014

ID cards make it so much easier to run your premises. They help to control visitors, improve security, identify staff, and maintain a professional image. And while they are great on their own, there are plenty of accessories that you can use to make them even more effective at doing their job. security-id-lanyards

The accessories listed below all allow your staff to do their jobs more efficiently, or you to improve your business operations.


Lanyards are a great way to mark out and control visitors, staff and delegates. Available in a range of colours with contractor, staff, or visitor printed on them to further aid visibility; lanyards display ID cards and badges in a highly visible location. It is simple to read the card and discover someone’s name, company, and job title – perfect for networking or meet-and-greet events. You can also use different colours to easily distinguish staff from guests.

Badge Holders

Badge holders are the perfect way of keeping ID cards on display but make sure they are protected. A clear case means that every detail can be seen and read, while the hard or soft cover keeps the card itself away from harm. These are perfect if your staff need to be working in dirty environments or places where their cards are in danger of getting wet.

Badge Reels

ID cards that provide access through electronic security systems can make operations more successful, but can greatly inconvenience your personnel. Having to retrieve their card from their pocket at every swipe point quickly becomes tiresome. With badge reels, staff have somewhere convenient to keep their ID cards that allows them quick access whenever they need it. Being extendable, there is no need to remove cards from a holder, speeding up access to secure entry points.

Being able to comfortably wear ID cards on their person also avoids the awkward moments when staff forget their cards and get stuck in a corridor, waiting for someone else to come by!


Easily attach your identity cards to your person with a variety of clips. They offer a simple way to keep your card on display. They are available in several different styles, keeping your options open and granting you total flexibility.

Slot punches

These allow you to fit your cards to a range of different clips and accessories. They are available in different styles and strengths to suit your budget, and give you a quick way of adapting your cards to fit your new holders. They take the guesswork out of preparing your cards for holders. Just make sure you don’t punch the holes on your cards before printing on them, as this could damage the printer!

ID card accessories from Capital Badges

Whichever of these items you need for your company, Capital Badges can supply high quality ID accessories to suit any requirements. Keep your premises secure, your visitors under control, and your staff happy by optimising your identity cards for the role required of them.

Be Prepared For Ofsted with Adequate Safeguarding Procedures February 27 2014

Ofsted inspections focus on many different areas of a school’s performance. Many people quite rightly focus on the standard of teaching when thinking of an Ofsted inspection, but the truth is that there are many other areas which will be assessed. These areas can contribute or detract from a school’s rating, and are inspected because they are in some way important for the proper running of a school. One of the things that Ofsted inspectors will be assessing is a school’s safeguarding procedures. Having the correct badges and identification, as well as appropriate methods of displaying them, will help to demonstrate a high commitment to safeguarding your pupils. What is safeguarding? Protecting children and young people is very important. They are vulnerable, therefore it is vital that the environment in which they are learning is a safe one. Child safety is a big concern to parents and society, and Ofsted inspectors will be assessing how well a school functions in keeping its children protected. Ofsted inspectors will investigate many things, such as a school’s policy on carrying out safety checks on staff and volunteers who have unsupervised access to children. Why is visitor management important in safeguarding? Badges and visitor management books demonstrate a commitment to safety and security. It makes it easier to spot people who should not be on the school premises, and quickly informs people of a visitor’s role or purpose for visiting. It helps teachers, staff members, and pupils to know what a person’s role is, and whether or not they are acting outside of the purpose of their visit. For example, visitors should not have unsupervised access to children, and a badge identifying them as a visitor will ensure that they are not mistaken for a staff member or checked volunteer. Visitor management demonstrates that a school is organised and committed to safeguarding. Signing visitors in means that accurate records are being kept, and the issuing of identity cards or visitor badges ensures that only authorised people can enter the school premises. How does visitor management affect an Ofsted inspection? Ofsted is very adamant that their inspectors should have their ID cards checked upon entering a school premises. Failing to do suggests that a school’s commitment to safeguarding is low or lax. Similarly, Ofsted inspectors will want to know that checking and issuing of visitor ID and badges is not something that is being done specifically for the purposes of the inspection. Visitor management books and badges show that a school has a secure system for monitoring and controlling visitors in place. A school that can demonstrate that it has solid systems in place to aid safeguarding gives Ofsted inspectors an easier task in determining how well it is performing in this area. Name badges, identity cards, and visitor management Capital Badges has a complete range of visitor management equipment and accessories. We make it easy to implement security and accuracy into your safeguarding procedures.

Visitor Management System Books Are Part of an Enduring Tradition January 23 2014

For centuries, humankind has been taking steps to protect the people, places and items that they value. Just take a look at history for the proof. In the Middle Ages, knights protected kingdoms and kings. By the time the 1800s rolled around, in some areas, the Peelers and Scotland Yard were doing the protecting. So no matter how you look at it, systems designed for protection have always been with us. They’ve just changed in depth and breadth.

restricted area

We understand that. That’s why we offer three different visitor management system books to choose from (VM300One-Step and All-in-One). They are designed to accommodate the security needs of today’s fast paced world. Although each one is different in its scope, all three offer the following benefits:

  • Protects the integrity of a facility’s physical space, data and equipment
  • Identifies issues of note so that they may be addressed quickly
  • Provides consistent, COSHH compliant, information to all comers

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the One-Step and All-in-One visitor management system books have other advantages. For example, each one offers time management and customization features. The time management features are helpful in regards to controlling access to certain areas. The customization features, on the other hand, are great for those looking to create cohesion among their firm or institution’s marketing initiatives.

Speaking of which, visitor management system books are not the only items that may be used to make one’s marketing and security initiatives seamless. We also offer customizable ID cards, ID card wallets, lanyards and clips that may be used with the visitor management system books.


Name Badges UK Trivia: A Look at the History behind Surname Use January 16 2014

Have you ever wondered about the history behind names? We all know that when we’re born, we’re given a first and last name by our parents. But when did that tradition start? We think that you may be surprised by the answer.


According to historical records, surnames did not exist in the UK the way that they do now until after 1066. Prior to that, people were referred to by their first name. In instances when more than one person shared a first name, an additional one was added. The additional name given was typically based on a characteristic that made you unique from all the other Olivers, Jacks and Harrys in the world. Thus, you may have become Oliver from Overland, Jack the blacksmith or Harry from Hertfordshire.

When a person moved or changed professions,

they often changed surnames too. So Oliver from Overland could eventually become Oliver from Kent. Harry from Hertfordshire could later be known as Harry from Hempstead. The naming process was all very fluid until around 1400, when people seemed to grow tired of frequently changing their names. Of course that doesn’t mean that the name changing stopped completely. People are still doing it today. However, the process is a lot more complicated than it used to be. There is usually paperwork to complete and new monogrammed items to buy.

family history quilt

The good news is that we can help make part of the process easier. We offer a wide array of name badges, card holders, ID cards, custom lanyards and more. So whether you decide to go from being James to Joshua or Isabella to Isabelle, we’ve got you covered. Our family has been in the badge making business for years. We offer design assistance and don’t require minimum orders for crested name badges. You’ll even get to choose from a variety of name badge backings. In addition, we make PVC ID cards too.

Custom ID Cards Increase Security December 12 2013

Robert peelIt has been said that in order to identify the counterfeit, one must be familiar with the authentic. The same is true when identifying those persons who should or should not have access to your organisation, facility or activity.

The display of proper, professionally-designed identification by authorised personnel establishes them as authentic, while also immediately identifying those without it as either a visitor in need of assistance or someone to be assessed as a potential security breach.And various methods of embedded authentication – such as photos, barcodes and magnetic stripes – can add increased levels of security and provide or deny access to sensitive areas, even for recognised personnel.


Fortunately, obtaining a higher level of identification is much easier, convenient and cost-effective than it has been in the past. No longer is it necessary to invest in proprietary equipment, expensive software, or in-house production training, because the advanced, online technology of our ID Bureau Service brings secure custom ID Cards direct to you, quickly and affordably.

We can provide everything you guidance and design advice, on-site photography services, photo and data enhancement, inclusion of crests/logos – whatever you need for the most professional, secure ID Cards and there is no minimum order quantity required.

Additionally, should you desire to enhance your security endeavors further, we offer complete Visitor Management Systems including comprehensive All-in-One systems, One-Step systems, and standard Visitor Pass systems.

Whether you represent a business, school, religious institution, non-school activity or special event, the need for security cannot be understated.

Contact us today and let us help you ensure a secure environment for your employees, participants, members and visitors.